L&G Weaponry

Specializing in AR-15 / M-16 series Firearms and Accessories

Huntington Beach, CA

(714) 840-3772

Fax (714) 625-4631

last updated 6/18/2010


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L&G Weaponry specializes in customizing, servicing and designing AR-15/M-16 based weapon systems. Since this is the only type of firearm we deal with , the product knowledge, selection and services are second to none.

At L&G, we make your dream AR-15 come to life. We offer numerous enhancements for your AR such as custom barrels, triggers, sight systems and caliber conversions. We offer complete upper assemblies from the CAR-15 9MM as seen to the left up to the Delta Elite Plus including 24" bull barrel, Harris bipod, full floating handguard, Jewell match trigger, and now the new .50 CAL BMG Upper and .458 SOCOM.

L&G can service your AR if it is not functioning properly. We operate a full machine shop and have all the tools to do the job correctly, the first time. Many tools have been designed by us to do the job better as well as work with AR series variations never envisioned by the U.S. Government.

L&G has designed several specialty products. Our favorites include our lineup of 37MM products. We also have developed a Golfball Firing Attachment (GFA), aluminum muzzle compensator, 37mm AR-15 Type Collapsible Shoulder Stock and a telescoping stock length extension. Please see our catalog for more information.


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